FHLM Works With SPCK to Support Vacation Bible Schools in Cuba

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FHLM Works With SPCK to Support Vacation Bible Schools in Cuba

The Foundation for Hispanic and Latino Ministry (FHLM) has teamed up with The Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge (SPCK) to fund Vacation Bible Schools in Cuba. With a special grant given to SPCK, FHLM was able to fund three Vacation Bible Schools which together have served almost 200 children. The topics of the summer programs ranged from “The Role of the Bible in Daily Life” to “The Love Jesus Christ has for families”. The funds helped to cover the costs of food and supplies. Religious education in parishes and missions is vital to the growth of the Episcopal Church in Cuba because the government does not allow religious schools to operate.
VBS Cuba
Below is a letter from the priest of a parish in Santiago de Cuba:

Dear Brother,

I am the Rev. Halbert from Santiago de Cuba. I am sending you some photos of what is happening in the camp to our joy. This has been something formidable, although we have surpassed the quantity of participants; we had planned and hoped for 70 people between kids and adults and each day we are 100! But God is good and has provided all that we need. We are working a great deal but we are happy.

A hug to you and I am thankful for you help


You can support this mission by going to www.spckusa.org and clicking on MAKE A DONATION.