Current Projects

SPCK Coin1 Coins for change #4Coins for Change is the latest way to support the mission of SPCK/USA of “Promoting Christian Knowledge” all over the world. During the last three years SPCK/USA has provided more than $6,000 dollars in grants to parishes and missions in Cuba hoping to host a Vacation Bible School. In 2015, 300 children were served in seven parishes. In 2016, that number doubled to 600 children in 14 parishes. Coins for Change is making a difference in the lives of children all across Cuba.


Our vision is for each participating parish to introduce this initiative as part of their Christian formation programs. Parishes of all sizes are encouraged to use our lesson plan, make their own Coins for Change bank, and get involved in the mission. But hurry, the deadline for collecting funds is April 1st, 2017 so that we can distribute those grants to parishes all over Cuba.


For generations, Cuba prohibited religious education. Thousands of adults and now their children have never heard the Gospel of Jesus. The Episcopal Church in Cuba is on the front line of evangelism and you can be a part of that effort. Our goal is to raise $25,000 dollars over the next three years. With your help that can become a reality.


Visit today and make a donation! Give a child the gift of the Gospel.


For more information you can also contact Patti Posan by email:

children in haitiHaitian Book Fund

In 2007, Christ Church, Norcross, the diocese of Atlanta began a partnership in Haiti with St. Joseph’s of Arimethea, an Episcopal parish located in Jasmin, 90 minute drive into the mountains above Leogane, which was the epicenter of the earthquake. Early support from Christ Church provided supplies for its pre-k- 6th school met needs for its 120 students whose classes were either outside the church or in the sanctuary of the church.

The church was severely damaged during the earthquake and yet the school continued to operate. The Finnish Lutheran Foundation learned of the need for a school building and asked the Norcross congregation to purchase a piece of adjacent land. The Foundation has just completed a three building school, which serves 400 students. Most desks are made by local craftsman. Student supplies are meager; however, Christ Church provides funds to pay the teachers and staff, uniforms and shoes for children whose parents cannot afford these items plus supplies and equipment.


The only books are for the teachers, who teach children by recitation and writing on the blackboard. At its recent children 2meeting, SPCK/USA trustees approved the Haiti Book Fund as a new project. The goal is to give SPCK donors an opportunity to provide funds so that each classroom has books for its students. According to Terry Franzen, a Christ Church member, who visits Jasmin twice a year, individual books or even multiple copies of books are unheard of in this Haitian area.


Books are expensive even for an elementary school. Your gift will provide an essential tool for learning.

Teachers will be delighted and grateful. Imagine a second grade class having its first book to read. This is a direct way of helping Haitian children learn. Give generously to improve the education of 400 Haitian elementary students.